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" Dogs  come when they're  called; cats take a message and get back to you later " .....Mary Bly

04 october 2017 .... heart We have new kittens my love Mony heart 

03 october 2017 ..... Aslan, Ares and Aron waiting for you wink

26 June 2017 ..... heart We have kittens heart ....4 little kicks of luck ....
 Info and photo soon...

15.May 2017 - Yoko - Joko Dajatera *PL will have kittens
 with our Thor - Puzel Notabane *PL heart 













09.May 2017 - So, we took part in two International cat shows in

Brno in days 6th and 7th of May. Cat shows took place in hotel Voroněž I. and I must tell you that I wasn't at such a good cat show for a long time. Besides place and perfect organisation of cat shows we were staying in this hotel... We were happy about results we achieved and we were leaving very satisfied :)..... These two cat shows were one of these which convince you to come again ;) And thing about our maybe future mom - I don't have any new news. I have to wait until the end of May... Teoretical date of birth is 17th June :)


15 April 2017 Yoko's behavior was suspicious for a few days, she acted like she's not going to have kittens :(... Thor (Puzel) started to be around her more... time will show if they are destined to have kittens... Maybe this time will the fortune will be in Yoko's favor and she will be a mom :)


04 April 2017 Yoko seems like she could be a future mom, based on her behavior and weight gain. Because she's still very alerted I won't stress her out with vet visit just because of USG of her belly... I will watch her and sometime around 17 of April I will know if she's pregnant...



02 April 2017 – I'm glad to tell you that I had an opportunity to write an article about Norwegian Forest Cat for magazine „Pes a mačka 03/2017“ ( SK version of the website)


02. March 2017  Yoko came back home as a different cat. Her mood for cuddling and increased appetite is a positive change, yet.... It's possible that if something happened, we will have kittens in early May of 2017 heart


23. February 2017 Yoko left for a visit to Asgaard gods, SK cattery to tomcat GIC FI* Ballawhane Malibu Beach.... Will she come back home as a future mom? We will find it out soon wink



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